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Skinpen Microneedling 

SkinPen organically stimulates the skin’s natural ability to repair itself.  As we age the natural architecture of our skin deteriorates.  This deterioration leads to fine lines, wrinkles, large pores and uneven skin texture.  SkinPen comfortably creates thousands of controlled micro-injuries in the skin to trigger the body’s natural wound healing process.  


This process results in the formation and remodelling of collagen, which supports the underlying tissue.  For optimum results a course of 3-6 treatments is recommended one month apart.  The result is more youthful smoother and tighter looking skin.

SkinPen Face (1hr)

SkinPen Face & Neck (1hr)

SkinPen Face, Neck & Decolletage (1hr 15 minutes)

Mesotherapy & Skinpen

Mesotherapy is an aesthetic treatment which is designed to rejuvenate the skin by means of a transdermal delivery system infusing the skin with multivitamins, amino acids and minerals.


At KAM Beauty & Aesthetics we use Skinko E, an anti-aging complex containing more than 50 dermo-functional elements including hyaluronic acid, minerals, essential amino acids and vitamins.  The transdermal delivery system we use at KAM Beauty & Aesthetics is the SkinPen microneedling device.

Skinko E acts on both the cause and effects of skin aging preserving the skins biological qualities and enhancing natural beauty by:

  • Improving skin hydration, tone and radiance of the skin

  • Providing essential elements for cutaneous trophism

  • Protecting against oxidative stress and harmful UV rays

The outcome is younger looking healthier skin with improved skin tone, enhanced radiance and freshness.  For optimum results a course of 4 treatments is recommended a month apart and to maintain repeat this cycle twice a year.

SkinPen Face with Skinko E Mesotherapy (1 hr)

SkinPen Face & Neck with Skinko E Mesotherapy (1 hr)

SkinPen Face, Neck & Decolletage with Skinko E Mesotherapy (1 hr 15 minutes)

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