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Profhilo is an injectable bioremodelling treatment which delivers one of the highest concentrations of non-cross linked hyaluronic acid to the skin.  


This is not a dermal filler or skin booster, profhilo is an effective skin treatment that hydrates and stimulates your own collagen and elastin production to improve skin laxity, tone and hydration.

Following your treatment your skin will appear hydrated and rejuvenated with an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles with ongoing improvement over the following four weeks in skin laxity.  


The results of profhilo are fantastic for clients who notice a change in the appearance of their skin due to ageing and environmental factors and are looking to put that youthful glow back into their skin.

The treatment consists of 2 sessions a month apart and to maintain the results repeat this cycle either twice a year or receive one syringe of profhilo every 4 months.

Profhilo Face: prices from £260

Profhilo Neck: prices from £260

Profhilo Decolletage: prices from £260

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