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Wax Appointment



At KAM we use Waxperts waxing products.  We have found this to be an amazing premium product that is suitable to all skin types including those with sensitive skin.  The premium results achieved are smooth, pain free with little to no redness.



Waxperts facial waxing products are formulated for sensitive skin and perfect for the delicate facial areas.

  • Brow

  • Lip

  • Chin

  • Brow & lip

  • Lip & chin

  • Brow, lip & chin


HOT WAX - Waxperts

Hot wax is applied thickly to more sensitive areas or thicker hair and left for up to a minute to set. This time allows the heat to open pores and follicles so hair can be removed easier when wax is pulled back. It is a strong wax that is ideal for even the shortest stubborn of hairs.

  • Underarm

  • Basic bikini

  • Extended bikini

  • Hollywood



Strip wax is ideal for waxing large areas. This method is quick to apply and to remove meaning that the process is faster.  Not used on areas that are sensitive such as bikini.

  • Half leg

  • 3/4 leg

  • Full leg

  • Forearm



  • Half leg & basic bikini

  • Half leg & extended bikini

  • Half leg & Hollywood bikini

  • Underarm, half leg & basic bikini

  • Underarm, half leg & extended bikini

  • Underarm, half leg & Hollywood bikini

  • Underarm, full leg & basic bikini

  • Underarm, full leg & extended bikini

  • Underarm, full leg & Hollywood bikini

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